Depression often occurs after a traumatic or distressing event. Whether a loved one has passed, a divorce, losing a job, home foreclosure, these are some of the most popular traumatic triggers for depressions.

The Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

  1. A depressed individual might lack the interest to do the things they love doing every day. For instance, he/she might want to hide away from the world.
  2. They are likely going to suffer body pains and worry about other conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer or fibromyalgia.
  3. Once you’re depressed, you’re likely going to start overeating thus gain a lot of weight. Also, you’re likely going to start smoking, drinking alcohol or doing drugs to try alleviating the depression.
  4. You might be too exhausted and have a lot of trouble sleeping at night.
  5. You might be too emotional and start crying at every situation regardless of whether it requires an emotional response or not.

Whenever you’re showing these symptoms, your doctor might alleviate them using antidepressants. However, there are cases where your body might build up tolerance thus forcing the doctor to prescribe more medication. Eventually, your body becomes dependent on the drug which is not a good thing. However, there are other options of treating depression, including clinical hypnotherapy.

How Does Clinical Hypnotherapy Treat Depression

  1. It gains access to your subconscious mind to find the underlying problem rather than treating the symptoms of depression alone.
  2. Once it identifies the underlying cause if depression, it helps you identify the unresolved feelings around the issue at hand. You can now have a definitive way of completing the unfinished things and avoid recycling them which often causes self-sabotaging behavior.
  3. Next, you can release the stored experiences and emotions that might force you to do compulsive behaviors or thoughts. Now you are ready to resume your life properly.
  4. With clinical hypnotherapy, you are ready to replace any trauma in your life with positivity. You will no longer dwell on the traumatic triggers but you will see them in a new light that doesn’t affect your emotions in any way.
  5. Also, you can count on long-term improvement of your mental health without any worries. You can effortlessly improve the overall functioning of your body to treat any other underlying issues.

Hypnotherapy has worked wonders to transform the lives of many people. Visit Positive Tranceformations counselling in Gold Coast to learn more about clinical hypnotherapy and how it can help you change your life.